ProTracker Tennis – Version History summary



iPhone/iPad/iPod-touch version  

    version 6.2                  December 2021                   

    • Ability to track Rally lengths without Rally Shots

    • 'Out' and 'Netted' Rally Shots

    • Shot type 'Drive' renamed 'Topspin'

    • Next-Gen match format (5 Sets to 4 games tiebreak at 3-3)

    • Settings profiles   

    version 6.1                  October 2021                   

    • Tie-break score shown

    • Ability to amend tournament and other match details

    • Minor user interface improvements

    version 6.0                  September 2021                   

    • Rally Shot tracking (includes changes to the way rally length is input)

    • Changes to Settings Tracking options

    • Undo Point facility (in addition to standard Undo)

    • Minor user interface improvements

    version 5.3.1 (green only)   February 2021

    • Match Credit Purchase fix

    version 5.3                  July 2021                    

    • Wimbledon 5th Set format (Tiebreak at 12-12)

    • Minor user interface improvements

    version 5.2                  July 2020                   

    • Suspend and Resume matches

    • Matches with No-Let on serves

    • Settings to suppress unwanted prompts


    version 5.1                  November 2019                   

    • iOS13 support

    • Import and Export matches

    • Many improvements    


    version 5.0                  February 2016                               

    • Match Plans and Match Summary text

    • Player Profiles

    • Many minor improvements


    version 4.1                  January 2016 

    • many minor improvements  

    • sharper appearance on iPhone 6 and 6+

    • more accurate shot positioning

    • Landscape Momentum Chart with Point detail on iPhone 6 / 6+


    version 4.0                  April 2014

    • User Interface makeover

    • Replay - includes Add and Edit Comments and Edit Rally Shot Count - available mid match to resolve score disputes

    • Italiano and Português


    version 3.6                  November 2013

    • French and Spanish language (in addition to English)

    • One-Ad scoring, which is now used in some ITA matches

    • Improved positioning of Comments on Momentum Chart

    • Bug fixes relating to iOS7


    version 3.5                  July 2013

    • Bug fixes, including: File write error, Match date sorting, Stats rounding.


    version 3.4                  May 2013

    • New match formats, including No-Tiebreak Sets and Timed matches

    • On Scatter diagrams the ability to filter shots by who won the point

    • New shot outcome "Forcing Volley Error", which counts as a failed net-approach in stats  


    version 3.3                  January 2013

    • iPhone 5 full screen support

    • Sort and Filter matches

    • Match duration fix  


    version 3.2                  August 2012

    • User Interface modernisation and improvements

 • Retina display images

 • Court inner and surround colors

 • Default setting changed for single tap shot input

 • Rapid Serve and Return input

 • Ability to rename shot type 'Other'

 • Larger shot menus, by removal of the Cancel option

 • % Returns in Play stat corrected for Aces and Serve Winners

 • Beginners tutorial


    version 3.1                  October 2011

    • iOS 5 compatibility
    • 5-Set matches


    version 3.0                  October 2011

    • iPad designed screens
    • Track and Analyze Rally Lengths
    • New stat for •% Returns in Play•
    • New stat for •Aggressive Margin•
    • Use of swipe for match analysis
    • Improved images, icons and graphics
    • Plus many minor improvements


    version 2.1                  February 2011

    • Match file loading and transfer from E-mail and iTunes Sync


    version 2.0                  October 2010

    • Match Credit version 


    version 1.5                  August 2010

    • Doubles

    • animations for menus and forms


    version 1.4                  July 2010

    • iOS4 compatibility

    • ability to amend player names

    • ability to amend Last Set Format midmatch


    version 1.3                  June 2010

    • Addition of Momentum Chart 


    version 1.2                  March 2010

    • Addition of Scatter Diagrams 


    version 1.1                  February 2010

    • Addition of Stats


    version 1.0                  January 2010

    • The first release on iPhone and iPod touch – match input plus e-mail to PC for analysis

    • Full and LITE (trial) version


Windows Mobile and PC versions

    version 4.3.5140.43138              30th Jan 2014

• warnning if PC not at 96 DPI

• handle iOS new match formats - allows for TieBreak at 5-5 for example, but not updated to full iOS flexibility

• handle iOS new shot outcome "Forcing Volley Error"


    version 4.3.4555.39958            22nd June 2012
    • Fix to problem with printing on 64-bit machines

    • Stats fixed for Missed point after Out First Serve
    • Lines to comments on Match chart
    • Comments shown on correct point with Replay facility
    • Norway locale bug fixed 

    • Minor French language improvements

    version 4.3.3676.39111 PC          25th January 2010

    version 4.3.3681.38653 Mobile      29th January 2010

    • Video Export capability for Dartfish video analysis (PC Only)

    • Time stamps on Shot Serve records – used for Video Analysis

    • Point number shown on Replay (PC Only)                   

    • Aggressive Margin stats (PC Only)                                 

    • Color integration with iPhone version     

    • Improved error handling if invalid match file folder

    • Bug fix for Dates that use . as date separator


    version 4.2.3298.19235 PC        12th Jan 2009

    version 4.2.3298.19340 Mobile    12th Jan 2009 

    • French language

    • Spanish language

    • Italian language        

    • Bug fixed: Last Set format not being used correctly


    version 4.1.3191.36330 PC         26th Sep 2008

    version 4.1.3191.36806 Mobile    26th Sep 2008

      • Bug fix with Decimal Separator and Dates for european locales

    • Minor font changes on landscape mode and Status label positionning

    • Bug fix for racket position on Replay and Serve Return on PC full screen

    • PPC Vista Install bug fixed

    • Bug fixed Errors stats not displayed correctly if two digits


    version 4.1.3066.25481 PC        24th May 2008

    version 4.1.3073.35548 Mobile    24th May 2008 

    • Major changes

    • -------------

    • Court scaled for square-screen and new device formats

    • Ability to zoom the window size, including Full-screen, on the PC version

    • Player Profiles - save information on players to record what areas to work on, playing styles or weaknesses to exploit. Define your own template

    • Match Text Summaries - record the main points about a match, for example what went well, what could be done better.  Define your own template

    • TV-style Commentaries are displayed for shot stats and key points; and game summaries after each game - provide a commentary to other spectators

    • Custom stats let you count any aspect of the game - for example Serve-and-Volley success rate

    • Easily handle points and games that you miss - for those times you•re sent to fill that drinks bottle

    • Tracking is made easier with single tap shot outcomes and •Tap-and-Hold• to record exceptions

    • Numerical shot counts and %•ages displayed on scatter diagrams

    • Facility to correct player names

    • Setting Profiles and full control over how much information to capture - start simple and build up with experience

    • Serve Returns and Set time shown on Match Graph

    • Minor changes

    • -------------

    • Sync Folder and Browse button on Match file folder setting

    • Tabs on Settings form

    • Tie Break at 3-3 in first-to-4 set etc.

    • Return of Serve Tracking for just one player

    • Show Settings for each match option

    • Initial score setting hidden by defualt, now on Option menu

    • Bold text on Court forms

    • Improved landscape support and court-view transition

    • Landscape position of label for serve shown at correct end; also Foot fault Cancel re-shows label

    • Set Game to Tie-Break option on Score form; allows both 7 and 10 point tie breaks

    • scroll bars not shown if Landscape on PocketPC

    • Settings callable from Graphical form - other setting options removed

    • Fit scale option for Match Flow Graph - used in default Report page

    • Blobs used for Volleys on Momentum Chart, Scatter Diagrams and Replay

    • Black and White view maintained after change of ends

    • Compare matches - PC version only uses multi-file open

    • Stats form separate or merge: Serve Winners, Forcing Error Winners and Pressing Errors

    • Momentum Chart set ball size small if the scale is too small - used for Reports Fit option

    • Replay Tap form for next point

    • Better report page transistion

    • amended defualt report page layouts, plus new layouts for match summary and player profiles

    • Page Layout Title auto-text in Reports

    • Next and Previous report page buttons

    • Save Layout prompt only show if layout changed

    • Report page layouts locaked by default



    version 3.4.2700.36612 PC      25th May 2007

    version 3.4.2701.14672 PPC     25th May 2007 

    • bug fix break points after deuce not counted


    version 3.4.2620. PPC           5th Mar 2007

    • direct install via cab file


    version 3.4.2486. PPC          22nd Oct 2006

    version 3.4.2587. PC            1st Feb 2007

    • date always shown as 01/01/2003 bug fixed on PPC

    • break points count wrong if Missed Return before point

    • corrupt match file with linefeed char in Other Info

    • Transparant white colour not correct for Windows Mobile 5

    • bug fix to Report printing if Courts or Chart not visible

    • bug fix reports with Page Layout with a comma


    version 3.4.2248. PC           14th Feb 2006 

    version 3.4.2236. PPC          14th Feb 2006 

    • 10 digit licence keys

    • support for non-european language locales


    version 3.4.2014. PC             7th Jul 2005 

    version 3.4.2015. PPC            8th Jul 2005 

    • the ability to track serve returns

    • landscape view to make it easier to chart a match from the side of the court (PC version and Windows Mobile 2003 SE)

    • Black and White view for use in bright sunlight

    • shots on scatter diagrams can be filtered by game score 

    • serve and key shots can be overlaid on the Match Flow Graph

    • match re-play facility - individual points can be accessed directly from the Match Flow Graph

    • match reports (PC version only) - reports can be tailored to show chosen features of matches

    • default report layouts 


    version 3.3.1638. PC             26 Jun 2004 

    version 3.3.1638. PPC            26 Jun 2004

    • doubles

    • in-place shot-type menu

    • line colour setting

    • Player name textbox width 

    • Include option on Stats


    version 3.2.1471. PC              9 Jan 2004 

    version 3.2.1471. PPC             9 Jan 2004

    • PC version based on PocketPC version

    • Shot counts

    • Put-Away shot outcome type   

    • splash screen

    • reformatting of score form


    version 3.1.1331. PPC             26 Aug 2003     

    • PocketPC version

    • Graphical shot input

    • All shot scatter diagrams


    version 2                         20 Nov 2002     

    • PC version

    • Graphical Serve placement diagram

    • Match flow chart


    version 1                          5 Apr 2002     

    • PC version

    • Button clicks for shot input

    • Stats